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July 28, 2011

Who Says The Tooth Fairy Doesn't Exist

"It seems that no one is immune to the economic downturn. A survey conducted by Visa says that American kids are averaging three dollars less per tooth than last year. In addition, the madam of the mouth is forking over money to fewer kids. In 2010, 94 percent of children under the age of 12 got cash for their teeth, while this year, only 90 percent are seeing dough."
Source: MTV Morning Facts 28/07/11

I remember the day I found out who the Tooth fairy really was. I shouldn't have been as surprised or as disappointed as I was but hey, I was a kid and I enjoyed the thought of a fairy the size of my palm coming to take away my tooth and replacing it with some crisp currency note. I should have known it was her. MY MOTHER. That day I came back from school early and I saw mum had left her room door open. Trust me to snoop around. I opened one of her jewellery boxes and low and behold was my tooth the Tooth Fairy had taken the night before. 

I was very smart when I was a kid. I'm not boasting, I was. Ask . . . anyways back to the reason why I was smart. After I found out Mum was the tooth fairy, I didn't tell her I knew she was the tooth fairy. Then the next time I felt a tooth shaking I started hinting to my mum to tell the fairy that she needs to increase the amount of money she puts under my pillow and I accept foreign currency as well.

Come to think of it, I wonder what the tooth fairy did with all the teeth she gathered from under my pillow and put in her jewellery box.

Oh well, for those of you with sweet teeth, today is National Milk Chocolate day! x
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R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse
RIP 14-09-1983 - 23-07-2011

Amy Winehouse was such an amazing singer. I love her voice and the way she expresses herself in her music. "What type of fuckery is this?" I thought it was amazing how she poured her life and feelings into her music. So so sad that she's gone.  

Everyone's talking about how her alcohol/drug abuse got the best of her. Truth is we all have our 'own' demons. If you know yours and how to control yours, good for you. Based on reports in the news from her friends and family members, Amy was doing her best to give up her addiction. FYI, concerning her death, based on a post moterm carried out, 'the result is inconclusive' and her cause of death is unknown.
Tears Dry On Their Own is one of my favourite songs from Amy.

Got nothing else to say. RIP Amy. x
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July 14, 2011


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Oh yeah, what do you think of their new logo? 
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July 8, 2011

Thank God Its Friday

Can't believe I'm saying this, but Thank God Its Friday! Just got out of a 'Brainstorming session'. This sister's head is HOT! Didn't contribute that much though, but my head is hot all the same. Don't judge me. 

Celebrate the end of another working week by treating yourself to the finest alcoholic & non-alcoholic cocktails , and the tastiest Chinese/Asian sample & appetiser platters from just N1,150 per head.
Its HAPPY HOUR at WAN TAN FUSION restaurant today from 6pm. What are you thinking? I know what I'm thinking abi where I'm going. Meet me at Fusion. . . x
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July 5, 2011

Walks, UnBirthday's and Chocolate cups

I don't mind walking to work, it takes me 8minutes 18seconds. Its actually five hundred and fifty seven steps from my house to my office. I know this cause I timed myself last week and counted my steps this morning.

I don't mind walking to work but the thing is people stare. Yeah I know I'm beautiful and I should be admired but haba look and move your eyes away. Thank you very much. Another thing is I get honked at and offered rides, I don't like the honking bit at all. Then when I'm enjoying my walk, the peace and quiet of the morning and the sight of the beautiful blue sky before me, the nosy neighbours ask me "where is your car?" "what is wrong with your car?" I can't walk again ni?

At work, its the Boss's Un-Birthday so she got everyone in the office Cupcakes!
I got a chocolate one! Lol. Yes I'm excited over it, bite me!

Got to go, its lunch time. I was on a 'self given' break at the beginning of this blog. Lol. Will be blogging again sooner than you think. x
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July 4, 2011

Right Now

Right now, I'm at work. This sister is done with Broadcasting school. Got a new job thanks to Hadi (I love you girl). Yes I know, I'm always doing one thing or the other, well that's the best way to gain experience and figure out what life has in store for me.

Check out my friend Shirley's blog: Another boring article about Love. We got the most exciting news  two weeks ago about Livy little bundle of joy. Then Madame Shirley decided to write a story. After reading it, it was obvious the characters were based on her real life friends. Oh well, I'm Terry in the story.

Oh yeah, I changed the name of my blog to That Ré of Sunshine, I feel this best describes me; Irede- Ire- Ré, you get it? My blog url has changed too its no longer Ire's Thoughts, its now  so change your bookmarks et al.

Got to get back to work. Have a great week everyone. x
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