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December 6, 2011

Comedy Central In Africa

So excited! Comedy Central has finally landed in Africa!

Funny, innovative, surprising and smart, Comedy Central will be overflowing with non-stop, provocative comedy content including stand-up and sketch comedy, satire, offbeat comedy TV series, classic comedy sitcoms and comedy specials.

All I can think of are Two and a half men (Who are you kidding, Charlie Sheen rocks!), Richard Pryor and Jeff Dunham (Dun-Ham!). I can't wait.

Comedy Central will be launching on DSTV Channel 122 at 6:30. Packing up my bags, heading home in a minute. Going to ordering in some sharwama and plant myself in front of the TV.

Follow Comedy Central on twitter @FunnyAfrica.


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December 3, 2011

The Maju Pop Up Shop

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December 1, 2011

Ré Day 28-11-11

My birthday wasn't so bad. Can't believe I'm a year older. All day I kept waiting for magic to happen; I mean I even checked my height to see if I was at least an inch taller. Well I'm not.

So here's how my day went: went to work, went home, had dinner, changed a light bulb, watched two and a half men, saw a sagittarius and went to bed. Of course I got loads of calls, messages, emails, facebook and twitter mentions, all the same, it was a pretty boring day.The day after wasn't so bad, I had all my friends around me at an owambe dinner.

On the 28th . . . .

Birthday Girl. . . See that smile!

I didn't want to cut this cake. iloved!

With the Base fam.xoxo

Ended up cutting the cake :(

Got another cake! Yay!
 The day after. . . .
So much for getting a kitten. I got a stuffed pony. His name is Horsey. This is us having a chat.

Later that evening Ethan and I at his first Owambe!
Got two things off my wishlist; Riri's album and a bottle of Christian Dior Pure poison. And if you want to count Horsey, that's three. Got loads of other cool stuff that wasn't on my list.

FYI: I have decided that I am 20 years old and I intend to remain 20 for the next 3 years. Note: The twins are 21 and I'm older than they are. If I decide to shave my age, do they have to shave theirs too?

*Sigh. . .  going to think about my Christmas wish list. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. x


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