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November 30, 2010

Maju And Me

I keep saying I'm going to blog once a week but I end up blogging once a month. This has definitely got to change. Been so busy with work amongst other things.

Aside from being a reporter at a radio station (yes, I've got a JOB), I'm now also a Publicist (make that two jobs). At first, I thought being a publicist would be an easy job to do, after all it's just to create awareness for a product or a concept. But after speaking to professionals in Public relations, Branding and Advertising, I realised it was going to be hard work! I should have paid more attention during those PR classes in uni. Now books on PR and branding top my reading list.

Right now, my first and only client is Maju, a female fashion label by Motunrayo Jimoh. Maju designs and produces clothes, shoes, bags, sandals and accessories, Not just because I'm getting paid as her publicist, I must say, Maju's creations are so beautiful with a sexy vintage look to them. 

Working with Maju has been fun, I mean I get to see her products before everyone else, I get to try on clothes and get some stuff at a discount ;-). To be honest, there are some days I feel like I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm on the right track. Well I thank God for books and people who guide me and let me know I'm on the right path.

These past weeks have been great, I've been getting such a good response from people, I've got them asking who is Maju and ordering her products. Yayy me! I'm so so proud of myself.

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of the Ember Collection Photo shoot.

The Maju Mascot! Snoopy aka Tiger
 If you've never heard of Maju, go to or

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October 13, 2010

Living Life Danger-Free

“My cigarette packet kindly informs me it will kill me if I consume its contents. My nightdress tells me what will happen to my skin (my largest organ) if I combust in it. Peanuts may asphyxiate me, eggs will clog up my passages, steak will make me moo, sugar will rot my teeth, fluoride will prevent them from rotting but slowly poison the rest of me.

If I ride a bicycle without a mask, I’ll be polluted, if I swim in the sea, I’ll be covered in effluence, if I sunbathe, I’ll look healthy but actually will be suffering from melanoma and prematurely aged skin. If I exercise I will live for a long time but arthritic joints will render me immobile. If I cook in aluminium pans, I will lose my marbles, if acid rain hits my tongue, it may burn through it.

Margarine contains sump oil, butter will sit on my heart. I must eat Fibre in order to excrete but not cereal because it may have been genetically interfered with. Carrots will make my hair see in the dark, spinach will enable me to tear up telephone books. I should drink my own urine and juice my own pomegranites and organic food is worth the extra and tomatoes and chocolate are acidic and kippers come back at you and wheat blows you up and as for milk – here’s what the label said on a piece of Tesco’s Brie de Meaux: ‘Made using unpasteurised milk which will contain naturally occurring bacteria. These maybe harmful to the health of pregnant women, children, the elderly and anyone with a low resistance to infection. People in these groups should not eat this product.’ This was a warning on a piece of cheese! And I bought it!

What can I do that is danger free?” (Lipman, Maureen. (2000). Starter. In M. Lipman, Lip Reading (p. 1). London: Robson Books).

After reading this, I’ve thought and thought, what can I do that is danger free? I've realised there’s absolutely nothing, everyday and everything is a risk. I’m constantly watching what I eat, what I do, where I go. Enough is enough! Life comes with its own risks (everyday) and there’s absolutely no warning on the packet. If anyone else came to this world with a warning well I didn’t. And I’m not about to place myself under house arrest because I'm afraid of what is out there, or not eat or not lift anything (e.g my mobile phone) cause it might drop on my foot (or give me cancer if I place it on the wrong ear).
I just recently discovered you can’t hide from life, eventually you have got to live it, make the best of it and enjoy!

Off to watch telly (without my glasses), eat a bowl of butter popcorn with chocolate and honey syrup poured over it and drink water directly from the bottle (too lazy to get a glass).

Will be blogging again soon. x

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July 1, 2010

Nueva Tradición

I'm one of those people who believes in friendship. Friendship is one of those precious gifts you acquire in life. I love my friends! Before I start typing off point, last weekend, my friends and I started a new tradition. So this tradition is which ever one of us gets married, has to host all her girlfriends at her new house for brunch aka 'The Pepper Soup Party' once she's settled into her new home.
One of my best friend's Livy came up with this idea as a way to say thanks to her friends for their love and support during her wedding.
Last Saturday was the beginning of our new tradition and it started with Livy (since she just recently got married). I had absolutely no idea what the day was going to be like. Thankfully, it was fun, nice music (from my play list of course), good food and friends all hanging out by Livy's pool.
So the reason why its called The Pepper Soup Party is because pepper soup is the main course, no rice or anything of the sort, just hot pepper soup. We had goat pepper soup (which i thought smelt awful while we were cooking it, the smell eventually evaporated Thank God), chicken pepper soup and fish pepper soup. I'm going to put up a couple of pictures of food from the party, I'm advertising for my friend Livy, she's the Cook, Baker, Candy maker (what do you call a person who makes sweets, I don't know :p).

Fruit Tart

Fruit Tarts
Cup Cakes
Fairy Cakes
Queen Cakes. Call it what you like...


Bread Rolls
Goat Pepper Soup
Chicken Pepper Soup

Beef Burgers/Patties

Home Made Juice

Everything on the menu was homemade apart from the burgers we just popped in the oven. If you're looking for sweets, pastries et al call Livy on 08075090682.
Now I'm hungry, this sister needs to grab a bite. Hope my next post comes up pretty soon.

Adios amigos. x
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June 15, 2010

Side Dish

Photo credit: AdelaideNow

The Nigerian Health Care system is one I've seen and heard people worry about. A couple of weeks back, one of my fellow "corps member"; Sandra was hit by a motor cycle aka okada. You should have seen her, it was not a pretty sight. What I still can't believe is that her so-called sympathizers also assisted in stealing her money. As they say, this is Lagos! Shine your Eye!

That day, I decided to play the role of good Samaritan by driving her to the Primary Health care Clinic near our local government office. On getting there, communicating with the security guard was quite a task as he did not understand a word of English or my non-accent Yoruba. I've really got to learn this Yoruba language oh!

At 9am, the reception area is deserted, we had to walk to the "consulting room" which looked more like the admission ward to me. Anyways, the matron seemed quite upset we walked in there and leads us back to the reception area where Sandra was registered and attended to.

At the pharmacy which could have passed for a broom cupboard, as soon as we walk in, the lady tells us to wait outside the room that she's busy. Busy doing what you might ask. . . (dramatic pause). . . EATING! And here was a patient who was in need of medication. We literally had to wait 18 minutes for her to finish. Then in the process of giving the drugs, she says we have to pay five hundred Niara and my reaction is:
1. It's a public hospital
2. NYSC corps members are to use government owned hospitals because its free for them there.
Yes its just =N=500 but i do not like to be cheated. After giving the money, Sandra complains she's still in pain, the pharmacist then turns to me and says "eh will you go outside and buy her paracetamol and phenegan for injection?" Say what?!!! Outside is Sura market! Where am I supposed to find such among the yam and pepper sellers?

On the way out, I asked for a receipt for the =N=500 (you don't know me) so I could get a refund from the NYSC office. You should have seen the uproar the woman and her co-workers went in. Apparently, they don't give receipts. They were quick to collect their drugs and tell us to go to the staff clinic where they might not have any of the drugs but could give us a receipt. In the meantime, the clinic smelt like a BUKA!

After this experience, I no longer blame people who go to private hospitals and don't mind paying an arm and a leg (maybe that's not the right term here). I don't blame people who don't mind paying through their noses or even owe hospitals money all in the name of GOOD HEALTH CARE.

As they say health is wealth. x
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May 13, 2010

Main Course: Tidings Of Joy

This post was supposed to come much earlier than this but a sister was busy planning bridal shower, looking for a job and helping Livy with wedding planning stuff.

This bridal shower was the first I have ever organised for any of my friends. It turned out to be so much fun, never mind during the advice session, me and one of the girls had an argument about when to have kids. In my own opinion, after getting married, I would wait two or three years before having kids. I mean, raising kids is a full time job and requires dedication, love, care and plenty of attention and money. And me I can't bring a child to the world to suffer. In the words of Ese, "anything can happen!"

I can't believe this wedding has come and gone, after months and months of planning; just one day and it was all over. Wedding planning is so stressful, even when you have a wedding planner. Weddings are also very expensive especially when you want good quality from the cake, drinks, food, venue, decorations, flowers, dresses, shoes, etc. All the same, I can't wait for my own big day!!!

I spent last weekend literally running, walking and dancing in heels. One of my best friend's Livy got married last Saturday. There was the pre-party on Friday the day before the wedding which went well only I felt the ladies needed a lot of alcohol in their system, and the guys needed to loosen up, it was a bit too calm for me.
Thank God the wedding was at 1pm, this sister was moving in slow motion. Surprisingly, between ironing, fixing up our hair, make up et al we were all ready before 12:40pm.

The wedding was so so beautiful, the bride looked so beautiful. When it got to the part of saying the vows, I swear, I wanted to go and shake Livy and say "sister do you know what you are doing? You are getting married, no more single life, no more me and the girls". I had tears in my eyes oh! Wanted to cry, still haven't cried. Almost cried at the dinner after the wedding, OMG I will miss my friend!

It was a great weekend, one of the best I've had this year; re-connected with old friends and made new ones. Here's a toast to new beginnings , Olivia and Buchi, happy married life! xxx

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April 19, 2010


This is something I should have started a long time ago; creating a blog, but I'm just doing it now. I guess I just needed that push (Thank you Hadiza and Oyinwa).

Just finished NYSC camp a couple of weeks ago and I've come to realise with all the fetching of water/lifting metal buckets, jogging, marching, sleeping on the floor and living each day on a ready planned time-table, I'm not a boot camp girl. In other words, I can't live without the luxuries of the world ; running water (in the bathroom), a toilet I can sit on, hot water, ready made appetising food, air conditioning, power points to charge my phones, my bed and four pillows, etc.

Now I'm in the real world and this sister needs to get a JOB. Got posted to an I.T company, but that's not where my heart is. I'm trying to build a career for myself in Broadcast Journalism. I studied Mass Communication, majored in broadcasting, took a basic broadcast presentation course at FRCN. Seems like I'm putting my CV on my blog. Lol. Anyways, all I'm looking for now is an opportunity in a media company or firm, you know, a TV or radio station.

One thing's for sure I've got talent, I'm not bragging or anything, I mean I went through a phase where I didn't believe in myself, yet all the people in my life did, even people I was just meeting for the first time. Now, this sister has got her act together, I'm putting myself out there cause I'm ready to take on the world.

Princess Irede Abumere is the real thing!
Watch out! (Nigerian movie trailer voice) lol. x
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