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August 28, 2014


I've been stalling on this for a while now, but I'm pleased to say the new That Ré of Sunshine website is up and running!  It's finally here folks! It's been a year plus since I got the domain name and started building it. All year, I've had readers of this blog ask when the new website would be launching. I was taking my time because I wanted it to be perfect but now I've realised I've just got to start and create "perfection" as I grow.

It's been almost six years since I started blogging. In this time, I have created seven blogs, two websites and been a contributor on several other websites.

I really should be happy about the launch of the TROS website, but in some way it feels as though a part of me just got taken away. Maybe it's because my blog is personal and the website is more of a formal platform with more content and several other contributors.

The blog will now become a sub menu of the website. So I can continue to share my adventures with you. (Ha ha! You can't get rid of me so easily).

Do tell me what you think of the website:

P.S. If it looks strange, it's because I'm still playing around with the layout.

Have an awesome weekend.

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July 6, 2014

Page from the teacher's diary

Playing happy feet with little miss sunshine 
"NEPA!" chorused the room of preschoolers as the TV screen showing Barney went off. Then the screaming began.

I was alone in the classroom with these little monsters, all the other teachers were at staff meeting. As I made to calm them down, I noticed the chief babbler, Anjola was missing. After getting them in their seats and colouring, my search for the missing child began.

"Anjie" I called out as I searched the lower cupboards and under the tables hoping to see her round animated face and short brown twists jump out at me. "Anjola" my jittery voice whispered as I stared door I had locked earlier. As I sank into one of the mini chairs, I text Mo: "I think I'm going to be fired, I just lost a kid".

"Princess open please" the class teacher Miss Rita called through the screen door. "What's wrong?" she asked when she saw the distraught look on my face.

"I can't find Anjola. I've looked everywhere".

"Up NEPA!" chorused the rats when the electricity came back on.

"Did you look behind the inner door?"

"What? No."

And I ran to look behind the door.


"Eh" she said grinning from behind the door with her crayola smothered teeth.

"Don't say eh say Yes or Yes Miss Princess".

Usually I never lift the kids but I lifted this child and handed her to the matron at the door. "Please rinse her mouth" I said and snatch the left over crayon from her grubby little fingers.

Behind me I heard Miss Rita and the class one teacher laughing. "This ajebo girl wants to give herself a heart attack".

I stepped outside to catch my breath. These children always have it in for me. They find their way to the top shelf and hide items from my bag. They can make out when I'm meeting friends after work and always, I repeat always embellish my clothes with food stains or paint. Wearing clothes with sequin or beads are out of the question, the little 'Edward Scissorhands' will find a way to rip it apart. I wonder if they terrorise their parents the same way they terrorise me.

Memories of my first real job as a teacher's assistant in Lagos.

What's the worst job you've ever had? 

Giedré talks to me about hers. Watch below:

Time to share, tweet at me (@PrincessIre) or drop a comment below. What's the worst job you've ever had?
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June 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

Waiting for dinner at The Wick at Both Ends | Photo credit: Princess Abumere
It's only the 23rd day of June and I've found myself singing songs from Michael Buble's "Christmas" album. I especially like his version of "Santa Baby". (Maybe it's because he asks Santa for luxury gifts I'll never be able to afford on a journalist's salary . . . ). 

Speaking of Christmas, last year, I produced my very first TV package. I stood in the freezing cold for almost 5 hours filming the Christmas lights switch on at Sheffield city centre. Thankfully, my friend Julia was there to help me.  

Changes in spending patterns over Christmas 

With changes in the UK economy and the national debt being up to a trillion pounds consumer spending patterns continue to change. Inflation continues to rise despite fixed salaries and more people depending on welfare. Will this affect Christmas? Princess Abumere has more. 

I admit it's a bit dry, but remember it was my first package. Thanks for watching.  My countdown to Christmas continues. :-)
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April 29, 2014

Love at first listen: Mariechan Luiters

Mariechan (Image via Soundcloud)

Do you believe in love at first listen? 

I do, this was exactly how I felt when I heard “Let Me Live My Life” by Mariechan Luiters. No questions asked, I just fell in love with her music. I'm sure you are wondering who this is. Mariechan Luiters is a South African singer and song writer.  The singer is no newbie to the music scene. She's been right here for the past 10 years! She was a member of female pop group Jamali. The singer has officially stepped out on her own and released her debut single “Let Me Live My Life”.

"Abandon fear, don't need a handout trophy"

The new song was written and co-produced with producer David De Mont. Mariechan wrote on her Facebook wall: "The song is about feeling liberated as a female artist who has to face many obstacles in the music industry, my personal life and social expectations". The lyrics of the song convey deep felt emotions. Some of which we can all relate to. Her voice easily sways you to move along to the instrumentals. The song which falls quite easily under the genre of soul music incorporates some elements of reggae. I quite like the sound of the drums and the bass. 

"Let me live my life - like I want to"

Great song from Mariechan. It's hard to believe she's been here for so long and I only just heard about her. “Let Me Live My Life” is a feel good song you should definitely have on your playlist. Recommended for cloudy days and moments when you need a push.

The song will be available on iTunes in a couple of weeks. Listen to it below and remember her name is MARIECHAN!

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March 31, 2014

The Martian Has Arrived, IBK Spaceshipboi

"Spaceshipboi, never under estimate that boy . . "
Last month, February 2014, vocalist Emuwawon Ibukun popularly known as IBK Spaceshipboi, released a visual audio album for his "I Come In Peace" album which was released late last year.

IBK Spaceshipboi maybe Nigerian but brace yourselves, he does not come forth with sounds of Afrobeat or typical genres that other Nigerian artists tend to work with. His new album made up of 8 tracks features genres such as gospel, jazz, rap and hip hop with a touch or two of traditional African instruments and sounds. The album features collaborations with Bez, Dami Kalejaiye, Olalekan Maxwell, Stan Iyke and TaiChy.

"He is supernatural always"

The "Spaceship Anthem", which is the first track on the visual album introduces you to who the Spaceshipboi is. "Light In Me" featuring TaiChy is a gospel rap track. Now, there are not that many doing this; I actually don't know of any Nigerian artist who has put out a gospel hip hop track with such style. My favourite line in  this song is "No disrespect to Biggie, that's a little smalls, cause homie I ride with the most glorious".

One of my best songs on the album is "Worship Medley" featuring Dami Kalejaiye. As you can guess, it's another gospel song. It's a really smooth song. I have never heard Yoruba language sound so sweet. This song actually brings tears to my eyes (every single time I listen to it). Dami is such a marvellous singer (with an amazing personality). I would really like to see this song performed live.

IBK showcases his personality in his various songs. His song "Loving You" has this Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke swing to it. I listened to the a cappella mix of this song before the original, I much prefer the a cappella mix of it.

I like how IBK switches from gospel to singing about love then about food and change. If you are in a public place don't listen to "This Time", because you'll find yourself clapping and shouting "This Time"! (This happened to me on the tram the other day). This song is such a Jazzy record. You can't help but snap your fingers to this.

"I'm on mission, changing the world . . . "

I particularly like the sound of the first instrument that that plays on "The Mission". Not sure if it's a wood block or xylophone. This song featuring Olalekan Maxwell has an influence of traditional Yoruba folk music. IBK is soldier of change, spreading the message of love and courage. I've seen him perform at a couple of Bez's concerts, I'm glad to see he featured Bez on "Sticks and Stones. The song also features Stan Iyke. This song is dedicated to the ladies, it's clearly a contradiction to songs like "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz and "Bandz a Make Her Dance" by Juicy J. "Baby keeping your body well na so . . .  Don't let nobody tell you, you are as good as the sex you are bringing".  Ladies, you don't need to be a hoe to make it. Three men have made a song about it.

And the album comes to an end with "The Heaven Experience". The name of the song already describes it, such angelic sounds and celestial harmony. This song also brings tears to my eyes. This is a song for the masters, such powerful music!

IBK's "I Come In Peace" album is lyrically rich with lovely music. It's fun, joyful and entertaining. The Spaceshipboi's voice is definitely out of this world! I love his voice. I can't sing (except for food).

I must commend IBK Spaceshipboi for being daring and stepping out of the commercial bullish*t music bandwagon. His "I Come In Peace" album is available on iTunes and Spinlet.
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February 23, 2014

#IresPlaylist: The Sushi Playlist

All I could think was who would eat avocado, crab and mango in the same mix. But I was too polite to say "no thanks". I had just gone to do a recee at the Avenue Suites in Lagos and coincidentally, their sushi bar had just opened that week. I was with FS1 and she was no sushi virgin, but I was. I did attempt to say no but the folks around were excited about the chef's skills and the fact I was the only who had never tried it. As I swallowed the roll, I felt a claw in my throat (of course this was a figment of my imagination). I had to shut my eyes to figure out what I was tasting, the poor chef said my facial expression made him think I was going to spit it out!

Learnt to make sushi yesterday with some friends. It was so much fun. Tasted wasabi for the first time, once again, my facial expression was a killer.

I've been asked repeatedly to kindly put my playlist together in a blog post. Finally got round to it. Decided to call this week's playlist the"Sushi playlist". Enjoy!

Yung L - Fever

Warm Water (Snakeships Remix) - Banks

Jerk Ribs - Kelis

Rather Be - Clean Bandit 

Look Right Through - Storm Queen

Dream - Danny K 

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February 1, 2014

Keeper Of The Sun

The condolence register at the Sheffield Town Hall
Since moving to the Steel City I've hardly felt the sun. Most days it's grey; sometimes the sun does come out and on those days I feel as though it's saying to me: "Hey Ré I'm here, smile, go out and do something". The other day I realised I had started acting as cold as some of the city folk. And that's not who I am. I am warm, loving, I am the daughter of the sun! It seems I might have finally found a heart warmer; God bless TemiDollFace and IBK Spaceshipboi for this.

Now what this two did was write, produce and release an inspirational song titled "Keeper Of The Sun". Their new song is a tribute to late revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela. The song starts off with chants of "Mandiba Mandela", at first you are not sure what turn the song is going to take. Then the dolly (Temidollface) comes on with some enchanting lyrics. The hook of the song is one of those that ropes you in and you don't even realize your fists are pumped and you are singing along. I was very allured by IBK's verse, I felt like it was reminding of the greatness I was born into.

As most of you know I am obsessed with the star at the centre of the solar system. I believe I am from the sun . . . well that is a story I will tell you another day. 

"Seek in yourself what you see . . . "

"I am the future and  I am the one
As long as I see a ray,
I know there's a sun . . .  "

After listening to "Keeper Of The Sun" I concluded I did not need to feel or to see to the sun to remember to smile or be kind. I looked into my mirror and I saw myself Ré, then I looked closer and I saw the sun and the Madiba in me. I am a keeper of the sun. I am That Ré of Sunshine.

Listen to Temi and IBK's track below. :-) 

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